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Red Millets As The Birds Favourite Food

Posted by Admin on November, 30, 2021

Birds are animals that belong to the Aves class, a group of vertebrates with warm blood. Birds have feathers, they are toothless but a beak. Birds along with a number of other features also possess a strong metabolic rate. These animals eat seeds, nuts and a variety of dried fruits. Most of the produced bird food is consumed by commercial fowls like turkey and chicken. After that, the rest bird food is used for feeding pet birds.

Seed Types for Feeding the Birds

There are a wide variety of different types of seeds are observed that the birds prefer eating. Many bird foods are available in the market which is a mix of ingredients like oats, millets and other fillers which most of the time do not fulfil the birds' nutrition and result in a lot of waste. Therefore the following seeds are prescribed to feed the birds largely.

• The sunflower seeds are a very common bird feed. This seed is available in two forms, black oil seeds and striped sunflower seeds. The black oil seeds possess very thin walls which are easily breakable by every seed-eating bird and the kernel inside is rich in fat which is helpful for the winter birds. The striped sunflower seeds on the other hand have thick walls which is not a very accepted form of bird feed.

• Niger seeds are black, small and needle-like seeds preferred by many birds like common redpolls, pine siskins, indigo buntings, lesser and American goldfinches. These seeds are sterilised in the heat for retaining the food value for the birds. These seeds are available in dried form in the market.

• Different forms of millets that include golden millets, flax seeds and red millet or red bajra are also preferred forms of bird feed. These seeds possess a number of food values along with minerals.

Benefits of Millets

Most birds are observed with an appetite for the millets or bajra. The millets are low in fat content and possess more nutritious value than the other seeds. These seeds help in the birds' digestion and also help them in easing out stress. The millet treat is great while breeding, weaning and moulting. Millets are available in different colours such as red, yellow and white. These seeds have a significant amount of carbohydrates along with various minerals like calcium, protein, phosphorous and magnesium.

Trade and Commerce

Many companies are engaged as Red Bajra Manufacturers in India. These companies own plants where they grow millet seeds of the finest quality maintaining all the hygienic protocols. They also look after the proper packaging of the seeds for distribution. These companies claim that they pack their products conserving cleanliness of every kind. The seeds are packed maintaining standard weights. They also assure that they offer customised packaging sizes to the needs of the customer.

These companies provide red millet seeds in dried form. These seeds are generally applied for feeding the birds. These companies distribute their products in the national market and beyond the national boundaries as well. These red millet manufacturing companies export their product overseas in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Canada and Brazil. We aim at achieving optimum customer gratification.


Because of being an excellent source of a number of vitamins and minerals, red millet or red bajra is a good option as a bird feeder. These seeds are digested easily and hence can be blended into the bird's diet.

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